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FEMA - New Orleans

Sheraton_no The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association  (FEMA) heads into "The Big Easy" this week to discuss a very exciting year in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment.

Manufacturers, dealers and distributors are all "giddy" with the booming farm economy...thanks mostly to the high grain prices and large export market.

Our advertising agency is here to mix, mingle and discuss the market with the people who are on the ground in short-line manufacturing.  Who knows...somebody just might hire us as well...

A couple of quick observations.  We flew Southwest Airlines out of Kansas City rather than Des Moines.  Why?  We saved over 250 dollars on the round trip airfare.  And their passenger screening at KCI by the TSA is the very best as far as customer care that I've come across. EVER!  Here is our post on that from April.

Shift to a lesson that all of us can learn from: 

It's about OVER PROMISING and then UNDER DELIVERING.  Huge danger...

When we booked our rooms at the Sheraton New Orleans we got a very nice confirmation.  Personalized yet!

A week ago we received yet another colorful and personal e-mail from the manager of the facility, William McCreary.  Telling us how glad he was that we were coming and how much his staff was looking forward to being of service.  Nice we thought...almost wrote about it! 

Our expectations were very high at that point: is the danger in over promising:

On arrival to my room on Wednesday at 3pm I, right away called down to get a suit pressed (love flying you know..).  I was told it could not be done.  "Must be in before 9am to be out same day."  OK...not a big deal...unless you have experienced service much better at other facilities.  Like within an hour?!?!?  Marriott - Memphis & MGM Grand - Las Vegas.

Next...little deal but:  No limes for a drink at the reception last night.  "Sorry sir, but we have lemons."  Sorry...tonic with lime works better and there was no movement to accomidate me...or the others in our party.

Finally...the "Business Center" here closes at 6pm!  Bill, our business may not end at 6pm...after all we just got here at 3!

Little stuff?  Maybe...but remember our expectations?  Very high. 

It's a lesson in marketing.  If you can not deliver...don't suggest you can.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where if we screw up (like we did today) we try to make it right.  Honest.