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Flying High - SUX

Sux_hat It's one thing to's another to recognize an opportunity and seize it.

That's exactly what the Sioux City Gateway Airport did...finally.  And, their decision is all over the news today.  It is a public relations and marketing story that everybody is talking about.

The Sioux Gateway Airport has as it's FAA identifier the three letters of SUX.  They were not happy about it.  City leaders complained to the FAA...and said, "Hey, we don't SUX!  We're Sioux City!" 

in 2002 the FAA offered several alternatives...including GAY.  The airport turn them down.  The mayor called it an "embarrassment" to have SUX attached to Sioux City.  Oh my...what to do?

Sux_shirts "Market it!" was the suggestion of airport commissioner Dave Bernstein.  And so they have...right down to their website ( where you can buy a "Fly SUX" T-Shirt, cap, etc.


We once suggested to a potential client, the Farm Equipment Manufacturing Association (FEMA), to capitalize on their decades old "trade name" of FEMA.  Even more so as FEMA, this week, will hold their annual fall meeting in, of all places, New Orleans.  We even had the graphics ready to roll...

They turned down the offer..."Too problematic. Too political. Too negative..."

Too scared?

Often we get what what is dished out to us and try to run the other way.  Sometimes it's best to embrace the negative and turn it into a positive.  That is what Sioux City did...congratulations!  You never know when the next opportunity might present itself.  Think about it...Sioux City?  Seems like everybody in the advertising and marketing world is talking about it....and so did we.

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