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Stop The Tired Slogans...

Tired_child One of the many things advertising agencies are asked to do is come up with creative slogans for our clients.  Sometimes it takes awhile, sometimes it comes really easy. 

What we do all the time is stay away from tired "over used" slogans.  Or slogans that were very popular for another company.  It's not right to "borrow" somebody else's tag line.

I guess that's why we were surprised this past week when we saw both of these "cardinal rules" of advertising broken by Dahl's a local grocery store.

Dahl's bills themselves as, "Your Hometown Grocer Since 1931".  They are, and they have twelve very nice stores in the Des Moines area. 

However, whoever is doing their advertising must not be paying attention.

Last week a print ad came out in the Des Moines Register that used the very tired tag line, "Your One Stop Shop..."   Creative?  Nope.  Overused...yep.  We would have expected something like this at "Earl's Bait & Tackle" not a fine store like Dahl's.  Go ahead, Google "One Stop Shop" is so common that there are several pages dedicated to the slogan.

Then we saw a television ad where their perky spokes-model looks at the camera and says, "You expect more from Dahl's, and you get it."


Standard Somebody it the ad department must have found an old Standard Oil (Which later became AMOCO) commercial and thought, "Gee, sounds like us!"  You see, for a generation the Standard Oil tag was, "You expect more from Standard, and you get it."  Of course that was years doubt before many of the target audience was born.

It's not that odd to see a company use a slogan from another company...but twice in one week?  We were impressed!

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