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Video & Trade Shows - "Them Movin' Pitchers"

Fema_no_video_3 For a long time our advertising agency has encouraged our clients to add video to their trade show booths.  It makes sense for so many reasons. 

I was delighted to see so many displays here at the Farm Equipment Manufacturing Association (FEMA) meeting actually using video's in their booths.  It's at least a 300% increase since just a year ago. 

OK...so you may already use "Them Movin' Pitchers" at your display...but if not here is (yet another) gentle push.

Fema_no_video_2 I took several photos of how some have added video. Most, we have to admit, are very simple.  Do the video, bring along a flat panel and a player...bingo.  But, the fact that these folks are doing so is encouraging.

So...why add video?  Here are some solid reasons:

  • Increases Interested Traffic:  People stop and watch. As long as the images are moving and have some changes from scene to scene, even without sound, folks stop to watch.
  • Increases Conversation:  When a person is watching the video they come up with questions.  And, they have an "idea" of what the product or service is...so the questions become more informed.
  • Buys YOU Time:  If you are doing a "one man show" you can't get to everybody at the same time.  By doing a video you allow people to "do something" while you are visiting with somebody else.  Once that person is done...you get to visit with the next in line.  It's like having extra people in the booth.
  • Adds Class:  Nothing like one or two sleek flat panel screens and some great graphics to make your booth pop.

Fema_no_video Fema_no_video_4 What was fun, in this case, is the movement toward more video it makes a world of difference.

Fema_no_no_video What it looks like with out....video.

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