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Taking Responsibility....We Are Not Alone

Man_free Our advertising agency has long held to the belief that if you BLOG you should be responsible for what you write.  We've written about this before...a couple of times.

For awhile we thought we were alone...

But, thanks to Rush Nigut and his recent posting about a ruling in looks like we've got friends.

The bottom line is that you should not be able to hide behind the face of anonymity and say any darn thing you want. 

That has been our gripe with regard to newspapers who tell us that "digital natives" demand anonymity.  We think it is ducking responsible do others.

That has been our "caution" when it comes to Business Blogging...because anonymity hurts the entire industry.

Thanks again to Rush for his insightful comments...

Michael P. Libie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications