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Blogging - A Thing of the Past?

Finger_delete So, I'm at the Urbandale Chamber of Commerece networking breakfast Tuesday morning.  These are the type of things where folks gather early in the morning to down a cup of coffee and introduce themselves around the room.

I'm glad I went because we hooked up with several folks who had moved to the Des Moines Area...that had been in my life years ago.

Folks like Lynn Schultz who at one time owned a construction company in NW Iowa.  He now heads up Central Iowa Appraisers.  It had been years since we've had the opportunity to visit and it was nice. There was Janet Tingwald a ranch rodeo buddy who owns Coaching Advantage Group and who just parted with her equine buddies. (That really sucks...I can relate.) And, Dr. Steven Koester who owns Koester Chiropratic Clinic. (Got to get him a Website!)  It was fun...

Michelle_durand_adams It was also an interesting look at Blogging.  I visited with well over a dozen people at random.  Most had heard about business blogging but none did it.  I did visit with Michelle Durand-Adams of WSI - Urbandale who told me she doesn't get many "takers".  "We've found that while many people have heard about Business Blogging not many want to invest the time it takes to get one up and running.  They may Blog for a couple of months and then just give it up."

My friend, Drew McLellan, had a post about this written by David Reich"Is Blogging Losing Steam?"  It's an insightful read.

Our Insight:  We've said it to hundreds of business people, "Blogging is NOT for everybody!"  It does take time...but it can also be a major factor in allowing your business to not only find your "voice" but also allow you to better communicate with your customers.  Like everything's a tradeout. 

But...there is, we sense, a negitive growth issue here.  Is it time?  Money?  Or a lack of value?

Your thoughts?

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