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How Much Money For Advertising?

Forkin' Over The Money...

Fork_over_money_2 We got to thinking about this the other day...just how many ways are there for you to hand over your hard earned cash?  Of course, we're talking about advertising.

Serious Issue!

The other day a client of ours said they had purchased some radio time on a station close to where their business sits.  No, they didn't call us...they just went ahead and purchased a schedule because, "It was cheap." and, "The ads feature the owner of the store." 

Oh my...(See Drew's Piece on TV & Radio Ads...) maybe they had an extra $650 a month to blow for the next quarter.  Because that's exactly what's happening.  When we looked at the numbers, this radio station sits dead last in the ratings. 20th out of 20 stations in the market.  The client could have added another $200 to the buy and gotten ten times the audience on another station...but they would have had to call us...and our time and research would have cost them fifty dollars.

Ok Then, there is the story about another company we know that hired an "in-house" marketing person (no they were not our client...). But he was the son-in-law of the owner. The company, at one time, owned the market share and made one of the best agricultural products in America.  Today?  They are a name from the past.  Still in business but barely.

What's the point?

Simple, advertising agencies exist because we are not builders of agricultural equipment. We don't make "self weasel winding torque inducers".  No, we create marketing plans that create sales...that's all.

And, with as many things out there (from rolling billboards to imprinted neon bowling to see one of those) to seperate you from your advertising dollars you might need some help in figuring out what should go where.

Just a thought...what say you?

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