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Happy Thanksgiving From Us...Turkeys?

Michael_turkey I can take a hint!  We're out shopping for some items for a holiday event and I'm asked to stand...for a photo, "We'll let them know you really support the staff!"

Seriously, thanks so much for reading The BLOG.  We started this adventure for our advertising agency in September of 2006.  Since then we've posted 280 articles about advertising, marketing, public relations, and pop-culture.  Some are memorable...others perhaps forgettable (depending on the topic & if I happened to be slamming conventional wisdom...)

We've called out some silly practices like using spokespeople nobody knows, "Who is Lauren Bishop?".  We've made solid suggestions about websites, getting noticed and using color in your print ads.

Candy_crowley_harkin_event We talked about video work and how it can make your trade show booth snap and what goes into the video effort.

We talked about the high price of fuel and how we got from one place to another.  We wrote about Iowa Stars Hockey, John Ratzenberger, FEMA and lousy service.  We talked about the rip-off of high priced hotels charging you for Internet Service.

Mom We gave tips about advertising and marketing...and a couple of times even talked about family.  We told you about the radio shows we host (Rural Lifestyle & The Iowa Sportsman) and we even got into politics a couple of times.  And, did that surprise us...people actually reacted.

Georgie_bday We showcased some of the places we've been and made comments about the service...or lack of service.  We featured a couple of items about folks who work here and what they do...actually they are the best.

280 just over a year.  We hope some of them have been helpful.  That you learned something about us...or about your existing marketing efforts.

Be safe this week if you are on the road.  If you are staying home...enjoy some time away.  Stay well and stay thankful for what we all have.

Most of all, we, again, thank you for reading.  Doing "The Blog" has helped people find us...and helped us find our voice.  Thanks for reading and your many comments.  Really.

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