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Home Office or Corporate Office???

Business_conversation With the speed of the Internet and the many ways we can keep on track with our customers and clients the continued interest in moving out of a corporate office and doing the work from a home office is catching on.

When my friend and fellow blogster Doug Mitchell posted his observations about corporate office vs. home office it caught our attention.  Especially the part about productivity.

You see, we've had a mixture of this for nearly two years and found it not only to be more productive but employees just get more done.  Creativity has not slacked off and when team members need to meet together they do so at the office.

Business_discussion While Doug's concept is compelling working a "home office" situation does take some self discipline...and trust by the employer.  It may not be for everybody...but from experience we can tell you more people, including our clients are happier.

And, if you are wondering about the 8 hour workday?  Here's a great read as well. Done by John Wesley.

Go ahead, read Doug's and Johns example and get back with us?

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