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Radio - Ain't What It Used To Be...

Old_radios_2 We love radio advertising.  Maybe because that's where I got my start in this crazy business of advertising...or maybe because it has such magic.

The beauty about radio is the reach and the ability for the listener to actually "see" what is being discussed.  But so much has changed.

We're doing some radio placement for our client The Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship (Download eab_psa_60_moving_wood.mp3 )and I think they are glad we're doing the work. Go ahead...listen...and come on back.

You see, once upon a time, radio stations were owned by individuals rather than corporations.  While it's true there are still some single or family owned outfits...the majority of stations now belong to major communication corporations...and that can be a problem when advertisers attempt to place their own ads.

Let's say you want to reach a specific market segment in Illinois.  Your target is men who hunt and fish...and travel.  You're using radio...where do you go?  Who do you talk to? 

It's a job sifting through all the data and most companies just don't have the time...the material or understanding of the markets to make the buy from one station over the other.

Handshake_woman_and_man Local radio buys...may seem easier...but there are hidden traps here as well.  Just remember, EVERY radio station in the nation has SOMEBODY listening to it.  But...they may not be the people your product or service should hit.  And, sadly most radio sales people are great at "bending" the numbers in their favor. is a GREAT medium with it's reach, frequency and ability to engage the customer.  Go for it!

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