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Rural Lifestyle Radio - On This Morning!

Rural Lifestyle Radio - This Sunday Morning

Hwy61_image For those of you who've never heard of The Rural Lifestyle...this program might not be a fit.  However, once you realize that the ONLY growth in rural population are these folks that live on small farms or acreages.  That might interest you.

In fact, here in Central Iowa, folks that live on small farms and acreages outnumber "traditional farmers" by...oh...500%!  No doubt you know somebody that lives on a small farm or acreage? Those are the folks we target with this only full hour live radio show in the nation that covers those issues.  Do us a favor and tell 'em about us?

We're Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country and you'll catch us on 98.3 WOW-FM each Sunday morning at 8.  Or, you can pick the show up online by going here and signing up.

Sophieface_2 This week, along with lots of news and information that impacts the rural lifestyle, we're going to visit with some folks from the Midwest Border Collie Rescue.  Frankly, I had no idea they existed and couldn't figure out why.  Until Karla Kurth from the association gave me the lesson.  She'll be in studio to talk about it.

And, we hope you're listening.

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