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Selling Your Grandfathers Label...With Some Sex

Cadillac_cts For an advertising guy...I don't watch much TV.  I know...  But, I'm really just too darn busy to spend lots of time in front of the tube.

However, this weekend I'm watching some football and this ad comes on for the Cadillac CTS"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

The first was with Martin Henderson.  "WOW...not bad!" I thought.  Not the traditional boring car ad.  What's the idea of Cadillac using a little sex selling grandfathers car or at least the grandfather label?  I even mentioned it to my wife.  "Honey, did you see that?"   Never mind...she doesn't like football.

Kate_walsh_2  Not ten minutes later the Cadillac CTS ad featuring Kate Walsh hits the air.  Ahhhh....   I didn't bother to ask my wife if she saw, or heard it.  Best to keep some things quiet.

Go ahead indulge yourself!  And here is the YouTube Version. (It loses a little video quality...but what the heck.)

Two things here:

  1. First...we get all the "images" of a traditional car commercial but we get the extra "pop" of a great line delivered so well it makes the commercial really ZING!
  2. Second...The ad is driving the advertising community nuts.  Professionals are panning it (no doubt because they didn't get the gig) while the target audience is loving it. (no doubt because they...get it.  And they are supposed to.)

So from our aspect...what's the point?   


Take a little.  Just because the "industry" says you should offer up "Image A" to the public...try to move the public with something totally different.  But...beware.  The images, timing, music and wording are all critical.

This time...nicely done.  Even this grand dad...liked it.

What do you think????

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