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Rural Lifestyle Radio - This Sunday Morning

So, Do You REALLY Know Agriculture?

Man_in_fieldWe have an advertising agency.  We tend to specialize in rural lifestyle and agriculture. 

Our agency is located in Des Moines, Iowa.  We know a little about agriculture here in Iowa.  We are the number one production state for corn, soy beans and eggs.  Yes..eggs!  And, we've helped dozens of clients bring new products to market both in and outside of ag.

We also know more about the stats than most folks.

So, when media types, who have little to no ag experience, try to sell us a way to reach farmers and ranchers they have to do their homework.  We just know the market...better than they.

That's why when a local radio group started to make noise that they wanted to "get into farm broadcasting" we cautioned them against such a move.

We had two major reasons:

First, the Central Iowa agricultural market is already "over served" and second, there simply are not enough "Class A" farmers in the Central Iowa listening area to go around.

Man_combine_2 There is a dominant farm station in the market.  They broadcast markets several times daily and devote a 90 minute "farm block" each weekday starting at 11:30am. In addition, every little station in a 60 mile radius has some sort of farm news and information program.  Lot's of "ag talk" going on in the radio market place already.

In the nine broadcast counties around Des Moines there are a total of 5,643 farmers.  Those are farms that have from ONE DOLLAR in gross sales to over one-million.  But, if you look at producers that have GROSS income of $100,000+ there are only 1,745 farmers in the Central Iowa Area.  By the way, gross farm income of $100,000 will net a farmer about $20,000 a year.  Hardly a "full time" farmer.

The dominant station and other outlying stations have about 80% of this market.   So...MAYBE this new farm market station will pick up 350 farmers.  At 5:30 in the morning?


Irish_meadows_alpacas_2 We thought we had a better answer for them:  The Rural Lifestyle Market.  Our figures indicate there are 150,000 such people in the same market area.  And, NOBODY is marketing to them using radio...other than us with our Sunday morning show, Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country.

It's the only growth segment of agriculture and rural population in the nation.

They were not buying the idea...I guess they know better.  Or they'll be able to talk a better line then me.  Or...they are praying for a quick buck.  We'll see.

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