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The Iowa Sportsman Radio Hour

Tis_logoSome of you know that we also do a hunting and fishing show on 98.3 WOW-FM here in Des Moines.  The show gets underway at 7pm and you can, if you want, listen using your PC.

This week we'll be talking with Alan Foster from the Iowa Department of Natural ResourcesAlan will be in studio discussing deer movement and vehicle/deer accidents that seem to be on the upswing in our state.  We'll ask him about this and about safety tips for motorists now that deer are really on the move in this part of the country.

We'll also visit with our friend Jeremy King who is a DNR officer in Grundy and Marshall Counties.  He'll kick off the show talking about his overall experiences since last week.

Group_with_culverAlso, we'll welcome, by phone, Adam Steen (kneeling R) of Transitional Capitol Management during the second half hour of the show.  Adam, a fellow blogger and friend of the Des Moines Bloga Nostra recently took part in the Governor's Annual Pheasant Hunt.  We'll ask Adam about his time with Governor Culver and learn more about what went on this past weekend during this "The Great Iowa Chicken Hunt"

All that and more tonight with The Iowa Sportsman Radio Hour on 98.3 WOW-FM where you can also listen on your PC by simply clicking here!

Thanks for reading...and for listening...

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