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Copy_of_kunta_050We did...

OK...shameless plug for the bird but that is what he gets for demanding advertising insight on Thanksgiving Day.  "Come on Dad, now that you're full of my COUSIN..I know you've got a post rumbling around someplace up here!"

I am becoming less a fan of e-mail.

How is that for a starter?

Last week one of our clients sent us an e-mail and asked for a "sales sheet". In the past "sales sheet" has meant some sort of marketing piece used by company representatives to sell their product to dealers.  Business to Business sort of stuff.

The last time we did a "sales sheet" some members of the sales force thought it was "too pretty".  "I'm tellin' you we just don't need all this fluff.  Make it simple dang it.  Git them pictures off and give us the dang facts!"  Anyway, that's what we were told they said.  I suspect it was stronger language.

So we did...and then we started on this "sales sheet".  I got to thinking that maybe we might want to check and see if this is going to be used business to business or business to consumer. 

It was business to consumer...so we had to make some pretty swift changes.

Phone_booth_g The story here is clarity.  Clarity is something that is often hard to achieve with e-mails.  But we get hooked by the speed, the quick connection and the ease.  Sometimes the old form of communication is so much better.

Our job is to be able to put our client products and services into the best possible light.  That's often hard to do from long distance...and by not paying attention to details. 

We learned something this week, thought we'd pass it along.

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