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Being Mom...Tough Public Relations

Mom_statue My Mom is well, thank God, and 86 years old.  I'm sure that when she looks back on her job as a parent there must be those moments when she wonders if she did the right thing.

You know what I mean.  Sometimes kids do some really stupid things or use lousy judgment.  I know I have...  And it's usually at times like that some parents might doubt their "parenting skills".

Some of the stuff my brother and I pulled have made her very happy that she never was sought out as a giver of advice on parenting.  Much less write a book about her efforts.

But, that is what somebody sold Lynne Spears on.  Writing a book about parenting.  Until yesterday the yet to be published book was due out on...Mother's Day.

Lynne_spears "Mother Lynne" has a couple of rather famous daughters, Britney and Jamie.  We've all grown weary of the antics of the elder Spears "wild child".  And then, yesterday Jamie Lynn (16) announced that she is several months "with child".

The publisher has pulled the book, "for the time being".

But here is the real public relations NIGHTMARE....Little Jamie Lynn is the star of a squeaky clean Nickelodeon (yet) school drama, "Zoey 101".

As a marketing and public relations person, how would you like to sit in on that meeting?  Let's pretend we're the PR firm for Nickelodeon.  A couple of "trial balloons":

  • "We're proud that we can offer a television show that has issues as real as the problems faced by America's teens."
  • "This isn't about a child getting pregnant.  This is about the failure of abstance only education!  It's the president's fault."
  • "For some this might come as a shock...but in the trailer park it's called 'coming of age'."

So, how about you?  Give us your answer to this PR dilemma?

Me?  I'm just relieved Mom never even thought about a book!

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