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Don't Eat Yellow Snow...And Other Wise Words

Sailor_snow When we're kids we get all kinds of advice from wise people.  Usually our parents are the first to sit us down and start the process. 

As we age our parents words seem to have more credibility.  And, we find ourselves saying many of the same things.  You know it's true.

Over the past year we've written 322 articles about advertising, marketing, public relations and observations about the social condition of life.

It's been a blast and none of it could have been done without the wise advice of the hundreds of people we've listened to and learned from.

We figured, for the final article (it might get a little long) for 2007 we we'd say "Thank You" to many of the folks who've crossed our path.  Thanks for not only being here...but for the wisdom you've shared with us.

Mike_and_cake I've always had a passion for writing.  While getting published in magazines and newspapers had been fun.  Publishing this has been a blast.  (It must be the "control issue"?)  We get to thank Mike Sansone for his help in getting us started.  Early on it was Mike who encouraged us to believe in the world of the Business Conversation and the power of the blog.  Thanks Mike.

Andy Priestly of DWebWare has also had a huge influence on our work.  We love the passion that he and Matt Mann have for creating some of the very best in web design.  We've been together for several years.  It's been a good relationship and we appreciate all the extra help and encouragement.

Carol_hunter Carol Hunter from the Des Moines Register.  It's not that she publishes the letters or articles I send in.  It's just that she keeps in touch.  She always answers my e-mail and I know how busy she is.  In addition..I'm not sure who...but somebody there reads our stuff.  Must.  Either that or we are connected via some sort of extra sensory perception.  That does not mean I'll caucus for Hillary though.  Big thank you too to Richard Doak...same paper...similar ideas.

Gale McKinney has been a friend for nearly 20 years.  He's the CEO of Heartland Communications Group the organization that gave our company its start.  We visit several times a month...and there is always a pearl of wisdom in the conversation.

Chubby_003 Chubby Checker...we know him as Earnest Evans (his real name) and every time we talk it's an education.  Need somebody with a real opinion...about everything?  Chubby's your man.  A great guy with huge energy and a neat company, The Last Twist.   So, tell us Hy-Vee when are you coming on board?

Mom My Mom...June.  She has really NO idea what it is that we do here but she always has sound advice.  Like..."Michael, don't eat yellow snow!"  Thanks Mom...I'd pretty sure I've not done that...yet.

Andy Brudtkuhl from REL Productions.  Thanks to Andy we're part of the network of Iowa Bloggers and read by folks all over the nation.  Sure we have competing we do with Drew McLellan from McLellan Marketing GroupWords of wisdom...on a daily basis along with some great Insight!  (Had to Drew!)

We also spend time reading the words of so many others:  Liz Strauss (I feel like we neighbors!), Doug Mitchell (sometimes we just don't 'get it'...but fun reads), Rush Nigut (he's a lawyer...and we like him?), Sandy Renshaw (like fresh air!), Larry Lehmer (he's got a 'way with words'), Chris Woods (politics all the time Chris?), Andy Drish (I read him so I don't appear TOO STUPID to folks 35 years younger than me!)

Hwy61_image Thanks too to some of the guests we've had on our Radio Show, Highway 6 - Your Road to the CountryJack Payne from ISU Extension, Doug Bakker from the Iowa Grape Growers Association & Madison County Winery, Robin Prusiner from the Iowa Department of Agriculture, Tom Barns from the Association of Iowa Fairs, Dan Duffy from United Country Real Estate, Joe Leisz from the 4-H Foundation, Rep. Mark Kuhn from the Iowa Legislature, Sean Skeehan from Iowa Farm Crawl - 2007, Tom Covin from the Iowa Animal Rescue League, Willie Suchy from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Robin & Rick from the Des Moines Police Department Mounted Patrol, Adam Steen from Transitional Capitol Management, Sherry Borzo from DSM Buzz and the list goes on and on!  Thanks...

Thanks to our team of Aaron, Mike, Christi and Mark who put in some crazy hours but do wonderful work.

Our Clients:  You bet!  Calcium Products, Inc., FOTON-Mayer Farm, NTPDA, Allied Information Services, Country Vet Pet Foods, The Iowa Sportsman, Running Horse Elite Equine Feeds, Beth El Jacob, The Iowa Department of Agriculture and the many folks who have taken a look at coming on board...we're still here!

Jason_board_2 Jason Cochran who is the producer of our weekly radio show on 98.3 WOW-FM.  OK...maybe it's not wisdom that he give us....he just knows how to keep the program on the air and the run that "thingy" that makes us sound ok.  He is an Online Gamer...kind of guy maybe that explains it?

Georgie_2 My wife is amazing.  Not only a talented writer and photographer in her own right...she takes many of the studio shots for our clients.  She also never seems to mind when we're at a location and I'm up at 3:30am writing.  She even cuts out topics from various publications and sticks them to the I won't miss the opportunity to call them out.  You the best.


Thanks for reading our rants and raves.  Sometimes we hit...other times we miss by a mile.  But, you have no idea how important this method of communication is.  It's a way to encourage the art of communication.  Business to Business.  We get to learn from each other and we're really grateful.

Have a fantastic 2008.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications