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Brett The other day friend and fellow Blogger Brett Trout had a wonderful piece called, "Is Your Marketing Firm Looking Out For You?"

Brett, an attorney, and a "go to guy" for many folks in the social media always has some great stories to tell.  (He's also an it figures!)

When an agency or marketing firm works for a client making sure you have their best interests at heart is critical.

Brett's post reminded me of a quick story about our client Country Vet Pet Foods out of Sioux City.

Bags_group A couple of years ago we were hours away from launching their website and some print to push consumers to the site.  Long before us they had decided their slogan would be, "The Best Food For Your Best Friend". 

Cute...speaks to people and their love for their pets.  They liked it (so we liked it) and we figured it was solid.  So...we put it on everything.  Everything!  Hours...we mean hours...before we launched one of our design folks came in and asked me if we had checked the slogan to see if they really owned it.  (Thank you Aaron!!!)

We had not.   

But we did minutes later.

Turned out the slogan had already been marked by none other than Dick Van Patten (you know...TV's Dick Van Patten?).  We were sure his pockets were much deeper than ours or our client.  Even though we could not find where he had used it...we scraped the slogan...quickly.

Cv_mom_ad_small In less than a day we had a new slogan "Loved by Pets - Trusted by Owners" (we like it better),ran it by legal, and had a very happy client.

Brett makes some great points in his post...and something that we all can learn from.  Making sure you have your "Clients Back" is critical.  This can be some tricky stuff...

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