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Grocery Store Advertising...What's Up?

Grocery_store_ad Have you been paying attention to the shift in grocery store advertising?

For months we've watched newspaper ads here in Iowa and there is an interesting shift taking place.

Often the ads, like the one here, are being replaced with full page ads featuring only one or two items. 


Gone are the full page ads featuring twenty different items that sell price.  Enter the "new" look of featuring one item like a "Spiral Cut Ham" will full color photos of a prepared dish with very little text.

Hyvee_image_steak_1 It's all visual.

What really got me thinking was what came today as an insert in the Des Moines Register for Midwest grocery chain HyVee.  It's a die cut insert on card stock (expensive) with six words on the front.  "INSTEAD OF GOING OUT FOR A GREAT STEAK,"

Inside the flap of this tri-fold we get the finish: "STAY IN."

Open it to fully expose some great photography (one image) and a coupon worth $2,00 off a meat purchase.Hyvee_image_steak_2

So, why would a grocery store start to move in this direction and away from their traditional ads?

We think two reasons:

First, eating out is big.  "Home meals" tend to be, we believe, whatever you can throw in the microwave.  Eating out means a "real meal".  This piece suggests that you can have a real meal and stay home.  Really?

Hyvee Second, and perhaps more important, is the whopping increase in food prices.  When prices get so high...can you really advertise price and still retain a high end image for your store?  We don't think so...  So, what do you do?  Sell the image, not the price.

This was clearly image...and a coupon for $2.00 off.

Pretty classy stuff for a grocery store...

You see this happening in other places?

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