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Having Fun...Part of Your PR???

Urbandale_chamber_staff_1 Our advertising agency belongs to the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce.  So we get to go to plenty of events linking us with other members and the general public.  Each one is carefully crafted and done well.

That's where we were last week and asked Tiffany Menke (center) if we could take a photo of her and the staff (Sue Wengert - left and Amber Wagner - right)  We lined 'em up...all the staff in their proper business attire and snapped a shot or two.

Urbandale_chamber_staff_2 Then the ladies got a little silly so we just kept shooting.

I know of a bunch of places where work  I'm sure the staff from the Urbandale Chamber have their moments.  But, one of the major reasons we continued our membership is that these folks are not only good at what they do...they are really nice people and they seem to enjoy their jobs and have a good time with it.

Sometimes we seem to forget that a little laughter is good for business.  We tend to be a little intense around here and sometimes for good reason.  But when you mix a little "good cheer" in the day...clients notice.'s one of the reasons we came back as members.

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