Nobody Wants to Say It....We Will
Don't Eat Yellow Snow...And Other Wise Words

Iowa - Living at the Epicenter

Laughing Living at the epicenter of all things political is great...if you are a political junkie.  OK...I admit it and yes I'll be BUSY on January the caucus even.

Moments ago I got "Push Polled".  I've got a hunch it was from Mrs. Clinton because they were banging pretty hard on Obama and Edwards.

Anyway...I honestly don't mind the polling, the goofy questions or the lame attempts at hiding whom the poll is really for.

What I got such a kick out of was this poor young man who had to ask the questions. 

He could not read them.  Really.  I had to help him along and I didn't even know what the questions were. 

But, there were some hard words like:

  • Strategy
  • Specific
  • Relationship
  • Governmental
  • Financial

So, when this poor guy got to one of those words (or several others) I helped him out.  When we finished the session he thanked me for my assistance.  He didn't say "assistance" he said "help"...I'm not sure he could have said it anyway.

Oh my.......

Brilliant Public Relations!

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications...that would be like speaking "an stuff like that...ya know."