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Knowing Is Better Than Guessing...

Im000105 The Rural Lifestyle - It Ain't Sexy. 

Maybe that's why it has not caught on even though it is the fastest (really only) growing segment of the rural landscape.

I'm about to do some shameless self promotion so...if you want to bow out at this point.  We understand. (Here we are picking up small bales for horse hay.)

I'm a member of the National Agricultural Marketing Association (NAMA), have been for years.  NAMA is made up of advertising agencies, media, and company folks who market to agricultural types.  That, traditionally, has meant farms and farmers and that has usually meant row crop farmers.  (Corn, Beans, Grains...)

Hollow_head_vinyard_michael_l As the "Traditional Farm Market" shrinks (less farms and fewer operators) media types have recently discovered individuals who can be described as"Rural Lifestyle" folks.  These people are:

  • Living on Small Farms or Acreages near urban areas,
  • Living in small towns on larger plots of land,
  • Often escapees from urban life who seek a more quiet lifestyle,
  • Engaged in a wide variety of rural lifestyle activities.

Over the years there have been a handful of individuals in the NAMA group who "get it".  Among them are Mike Gustafson from John Deere.  He's been lecturing on the rural lifestyle for some time.

Now...the "media types" of NAMA want to learn more. 

This has been like turning the Queen Mary II in The Plaza of Kansas City.  The boat is there...everybody sees it but it seems nobody can figure out how to make it work. 

Now, all of a sudden it's the "next big thing".  NAMA is even discussing having a "one day seminar" to better understand this market.  About time.

Hwy61_image We've been in the business of marketing to rural lifestyle folks for over a decade using print, Internet, radio (even doing our own full hour live radio show) and television.

(Quick Sidebar: Want to know who they are and what type of acreage they are buying?  Call Dan Duffy the CEO of United Country Real Estate...he's even in Kansas City.)

Eight years ago, In a radio interview done in Evansville, Indiana, I told the host we were in the business of marketing to "Ruralpolitians".  She thought it was a weird term...so we actually created a trademark on the word.  Never used it...but it's there.

Oak_rail_crop So, why this rant?  Simple.  We don't know "jack" about "Fine French Perfume" but...If you are in the business of trying to market to rural lifestyle folks give us a shout.  We don't have to guess as to who, what, where and why. 

We figure it helps if you've actually lived the lifestyle, don't you think?

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Sorry for the outburst...sometimes we just shake our heads...