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Loyality...It Works Both Ways

Cpilogo We're big on client loyalty.  As an advertising agency we know plenty about the workings of our clients.  Sometimes we know more than we perhaps should.  But we're loyal to them and their mission.  Our goal is to help them in every manner we can.  And, we get paid for what we do.  That is the nature of this business.

Larry_event_1 We're often treated as a "member of the team" but to be "honored guests" at an event is something quite different.  But, those are the words used by our client and friend Larry Moore (center) the president of Calcium Products.  He had invited us to come to the companies 20th Anniversary and Holiday Party at the local country club.  To be included was very nice and we were honored.

But then he stood up and said some very nice things about us and our work on behalf of Calcium Products in front of the entire staff.  We were touched.

But we were not surprised.

Larry Moore is like that.  He and his wife Susan have a fierce loyalty to their people and they are not afraid to tell others.  And their people return the message.

Larry_event_2 One of the long time employees, Jim LaVelle rose towards the end of the evening to remind all of us about that fact.  He said, "Each of us goes though our daily lives buying groceries, sending our kids to school, making house payments and rarely do we stop to consider how we're able to do those things.  The reason we are able to make a living, and a good one, is sitting here in this room.  Larry and his wife Susan never tire of thinking, creating and developing new products.  Our customers and those of us here in the room are the recipients of blessings realized by those dreams.  Their dreams help make ours come true.  And we are grateful."

It was stunning and at the same time...welcome.  But that's the way we are here.  Loyalty is a big thing.

Larry_event_3 And Larry Moore's reaction?

He's not only loyal...he can be pretty humble too.

Thanks Larry...we're grateful for the work and even more grateful for having the opportunity to come, listen and learn.  Here is to yet another outstanding year of growth.

Loyalty...it really does work both ways.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications