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Rural Lifestyle Radio & Dan Duffy

Tree_snow Snowing like crazy today here in Des Moines...

But, we're warming up for this nations only full hour, live rural lifestyle radio show that takes place Sunday Morning at 8 on 98.3 WOW-FM.  If you're elsewhere you can listen live by using your computer.  Just head to the station site and sign up.  It's that easy.

We've got a great show lined up for Sunday morning that includes news and information for folks living (or wanting to live) on a small farm or acreage.

No doubt you've seen the reports on the 22% increase in land prices here in Iowa.  It's the result of a couple factors:

  1. The corn and soybean prices continue to increase and now that the Renewable Energy Bill has been signed by the president...don't look for prices do drop.
  2. The increased demand for recreational ground.  People are buying up hunting and fishing sites like crazy and we don't see much of an end in site for that either.

In addition, the number of rural lifestyle people continues to grow. 

Dan_duffy_blue_shirt_use So, who do we call on when we want to know about rural land prices and what the future might hold for folks wanting to move or already living in Rural America?  How about the CEO of the nations largest rural real estate company, Dan Duffy of United Country Real Estate.

Dan will be on the show Sunday to talk about the trends he's seen and give us some perspective as to the future of rural development.  We'll talk about the economic impact, the reason why so many people are making the move to Rural America and how technology is making much of this happen.  This is going to be an excellent show...make sure you're listening!

All that and more on Highway 6 -  Your Road to the Country Sunday morning at 8!

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