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Bowling Shoe Advertising...

Bowling_shoe So, I'm watching TV the other night...kind of getting into this during the winter!  And see another pick-up truck ad...just like the pick-up truck ad before it.  You know, "The all newly designed MagnaCrunch!  Climbs mountains, goes as fast in reverse as in forward and can outwit nearly every beast known to man...even man himself!"  Then, the visual...lots of dirt flying around and manly men with two day old beards nodding in approval.


It's like putting on somebody else's bowling shoe...  "We'll just spray it with some fancy foot rot killing stuff that smells better than Joe's feet and yer good to go!"

The sad thing not only see this with pick-up trucks but also any farm product known to modern man.

Corn_grown_rows_blue_sky Think about it...have you EVER seen an inventive seed corn ad?  (Note to those of you living east of Ohio...we actually have television ads about seed corn.  Honest.)  Didn't think so.  There are nearly ZERO good tractor television ads out there...even fewer in print.  They are all THE SAME...just change the color!

The secret is to stand apart...but yet not be so weird nobody can figure out what the heck the ad is about.  (Note to those of you living east of know exactly what we mean because many of those ads come from you guys.  I'm still trying to figure out two ads from the 2005 Super Bowl!)

Kate_walsh So what do you do to stand apart from the rest?  How about some really simple stuff like this ad that everybody was talking about.  Or this ad...that I try to figure out a way to put it in at least one blog a month.  Kate Walsh rocks...actual the spot rocks...she's just the icing.

Honesty is one nice way to capture the attention of your audiance...we sort of like that idea.  It is pretty radical.

But, better than old bowling shoes....

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