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Got Time To Be Creative?

Dsc02443 The photo has nothing to do with this post.  Other than to drive home the point that it is minus five degrees in Des Moines right now.  Maybe just looking at this might bring back a warmer thought. 

It's my public service to you!

So, I'm sitting here reflecting on the past three days with our client NTPDA and thinking about the two or three things business leaders from all across North America shared with me.  There is a common thread and we see it wherever we travel and have in depth conversations with business owners.

They don't have the time to be creative.  They are so busy trying to figure out how to make the next sale they just don't have time to think.

We call it the "Creative Crunch".

It's not that these folks don't have ideas.  In the span of three days I heard at least five creative, thoughtful business ideas from five different people.  After some brief conversation they say, "You know, I've got this idea..."  And they'll sit and lay out their thoughts.  But each one ends with, "I think it's good, but I just don't have the time to take it to market."

Think They are not alone.  Our fast paced life makes it impossible to take the time to sit down and think.  We are bombarded with advertising and marketing messages, we're hooked up to all kinds of communication devices making us accessible but robbing us of the time to think.

It's tough to get a thought in edgewise.

So, here's my question to you:  What steps do you employ to move your ideas from conception to actualization? 

Your turn...

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communication