Iowa Power Farming - A Lesson in Marketing
Iowa Power Farming Show - A Wrap...

Iowa Power Farming Show - Ridin' The Bus

Ia_farm_power_show_bus So, it's ten degrees...with winds at 30mph and I'm ridding a shuttle bus taking farmers from Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and Minnesota to the Iowa Power Farming Show in Downtown Des Moines...

Twenty-five times a day...

Every day, hundreds of people choose to ride the free shuttle buses to the Wells Fargo Arena rather than pay $6 - $10 a day for parking.

Calcium Products paid for the privilege of sponsoring the bus trips.

Our goal was pretty simple...create a quality video that producers (farmers) could view on their way to the event and then back from the event to the free parking lots.

Cool idea...if the video machines worked.  Which they did in all but one of the buses...

So...guess who got to ride the shuttle, pass out literature and do the speech during the 8 minute ride to the farm show?

It was a great way to interact with potential customers, ask and answer questions and find out more about producers from all across the Midwest.

Calcium_products_booth_005 Sure...the booth was busy and people enjoyed the unique look of our site...and we did make sure we "pre-sold" our attendance at the show by using radio and blogs.  But, this was fun to do and allowed a unique connection with producers.

While we hope today (Wednesday) all the CD machines work making lemonade out of the lemons we were handed was a great way to connect with existing and potential customers.

Thanks for reading....see you at the show?

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