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Iowa Power Farming Show - Ridin' The Bus

Iowa Power Farming - A Lesson in Marketing

Iowa_power_farming_2 Starting Tuesday and running through Thursday the largest Farm Show in the Midwest takes center stage here in Des Moines.

The Iowa Power Farming Show is a production of the Iowa/Nebraska Farm Equipment Dealers Association and over 570 exhibitors will be housed in multiple buildings at the Iowa Events Center (Vet's, Hy-Vee Hall, Wells Fargo Arena).

The Association is expecting a record crowd of 16,000 full and part-time farmers to wander the displays.

Calcium_products_booth_005 We'll be there too on behalf of our client Calcium Products who manufacture an pelletized ag-lime product that boosts soil fertility and costs so much less than traditional ag-lime.

We'll also bring you some stunning examples of what some folks do right with agricultural displays and what others do to actually drive traffic away from their booths.  Of course, we think that what Calcium Products does is fantastic...  What they did was "listen" and not just "do".

Booth_2008_pf And, another company who won't be at this show but just finished a major event, and is our client - Country Vet Pet Food has listened to us when it comes to marketing products to consumers using an open and inviting booth display with graphics and not words.. (This is their recent adventure at Pheasant Fest in Minneapolis).

The cost of doing trade shows is staggering.  However, far too often the return on investment is well below expectations.

Why?  Because most companies simply do not know how to:

  1. Pre-Sell the fact that they will be at a show and get top of mind awareness to the public well in advance of the event by using several media programs;
  2. Build an attractive display that people will WANT to stop at;
  3. Train their staff to interact with the public;
  4. Do any type of follow up after the show.  Fact:  Nearly 80% of show leads are NEVER followed up on.  Never...because nobody is put in charge of that very important duty.

Sadly way too many companies just pack up some graphics, a couple of brochures, get some shirts for their staff and head on out.

It's a waste of time and money...and this week we'll have a great opportunity to highlight just what SHOULD be going on when you target your next trade show.

So, our goal over then next several days will be to highlight the good, the bad and the just plain ugly that actually does more damage to your company than simply skipping the show all together.

For those of you going to Louisville for the National Farm Machinery's not too late to learn!

More tomorrow from the show...

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