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Mom Said, "Just Do It!"

Michaellibbie Actually lots of folks have said I should...but Mom gets top billing.  Because...she's Mom!

I had just finished my address to members of an association we represent.  The talk was on finding new markets and retaining customers.  As usual there was a break between segments so I mingled, took questions and settled in next to the Executive Director of the association to listen to the next speaker.

Ten minutes into his address my client turned toward me and said, "He's pretty good.  You're going to like him." 

So I listened...intently.  And she was right.  He was pretty good.

As his presentation was winding down I said to her "That was good, but I think I could have done better or at least different."

She looked at me and said, "Yes, you can.  Why don't you?"


"Really Michael, why don't you do public speaking on a regular basis.  You're really excellent.  I've thought so for years."  She might know, I've presented to her group four years running.

I called my wife and Mom...  "What do you think?" we go.

From the hotel I called our design team, sent out notes to executives I've spoken for, asking for recommendations, and started scrambling for recordings of some of my past speeches.

Within a week we had the media kit done and forwarded on to Five Star Speakers of Overland Park.

It's really a natural.  I've been doing public speaking on a regular basis since 1982 following my election as the president of the Iowa Junior Chamber of Commerce.  I've spoken to thousands of people on dozens of topics.

But...I've never marketed this ability.  People see me, call me and ask me to come and speak.  I'd tailor a speech around their event, and go...usually not charging a dime. 

Will it work?   Yes it will...  And, I look forward to coming and speaking to your group about "Passionate Change", "Self Invention", "Marketing to Rural America" and social media...

But, I fear this means yet another Blog...

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