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NTPDA...It's A Wrap!

Temp357_header_3 Just over 200 members of the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association met this week in Kansas City.  The association is a client of our advertising agency...but even if they were not...we'd still like 'em.  It's a fun bunch of people who are serious about their tractor parts business and we've enjoyed the relationship over the years.

Steve_chandlerjpg_blog Just a couple of quick shots...for fun.  The members elected Steve Chandler from C&L Tractor Parts as the new incoming president of the Board of Directors.  Steve takes over from Glen Leaders of Leaders Salvage.

While we couldn't get a formal photo of President Chandler his "Semi-Oval Office" supplied us with, as they call it, "The most you'll git from us!" photo of the new president with the daily catch.  Steve always has big fish to fry.

Worthington_all_states And we were able to sneak this photo of staff from Worthington Ag Parts meeting with staff from All States Ag Parts.  Bitter rivals, Carl Vande Weerd, Randy, Jeff Griggs and Paul Dyke told us they were not compairing price lists or marketing plans.  We, and our friend Mike Winter the boss of Worthington, believe them!  We think.

Thanks for having us come and share with you our thoughts about breaking into new markets and allowing us to share some new marketing plans with the staff and the board of the association.  We're pleased to have you as our friends...and clients.

Now...back to work.

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