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Redecorating - Just Like Super 8!

Super_8_logo Just returned from Kansas City where I was held captive at the Hyatt Crown Center for four days.  It was the same story:

$130.00 a night (plus tax and other taxs)

$13.00 a day for Internet Connection

$11.50 for 4 Chicken Strips - But they were good!

$7.50 for a drink at the bar

- No coffee pot in the room

- No refrigerator in the room

- No microwave in the room

- Lighting just like Super 8!

I return home and scan the recent newspapers and learn that soon we too must redecorate our home lighting to look more like...the Hyatt...and Super 8.

It's the Law you know.  Gotta "Go Green"!

Lightbulb_glow Soon the warm glow of the incandescent light bulb will be like the memory of kerosene lamps and tallow tapers.

The stuff of stories: "That's right kids, skin colors were not always blue.  Once upon a time the interor of people's homes reflected a warm glow.  You could make out skin tones and hues of various colors.  We even had what we called dimmer switches that could help set the mood.  It was...romantic."

I really don't want my grandkids to miss out so, I have a plan. 

I was going to keep it a secret but figured that I may be able to make some future money on the Light Bulb Black Market.

Lightbulbs I'm buying up incandescent light bulbs...lots of them.

Every time I go to the store I'm buying a pack.  I figure that by 2014 I should have a healthy supply.  And, I'll be willing to share...for a price.

Guess you might say I'm also "going green".  "Pssst...wanna light bulb?"

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