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Sunday Morning Coffee - Brief Bits

Coffee_cu_ps Here we and I over a cup of coffee.  I spend some time on Sunday reflecting on some of the stories and events that's happened over the past week.  Some of these things may have an advertising or marketing focus...others, just observations.

Sunday just seems like a good time to do get a refill and let's get into it.

Obama wins big in South Carolina and the news media is awash in "black/white" talk.

Everybody is playing the game...  That's really sad considering we've just "celebrated" Martin Luther King Day, lined up and "remembered" the idea of race equality.  Guess we've got more to do.

Those of you who know about our advertising agency know we tend to specialize in agricultural and rural lifestyle issues.  Now comes a report that is linking the increased number of beef recalls for E-coli to distillers grain, a byproduct of the ethanol industry.

Angus_bulls Is it?  We don't yet know.   However this is another swipe at the industry that has reshaped Iowa and Rural America.  We've long held our doubts that ethanol from corn is the long term solution to energy independence and if this one sticks...kiss it goodbye.  Why?  The numbers.  Remember there are a whole lot more of "them" (non-agriculture related individuals) than us.

The housing industry slump is being felt here in Iowa as associated business begin to lop off jobs.  However many say because of our tie to agriculture and insurance much of Iowa may have some "economic stability".  We sure hope so...

Mlk_pitts_mpl But about jobs.  Here is a photo of Leonard Pitts and me taken last week at the Martin Luther King Day Celebration at the Iowa Historical Building.  Mr. Pitts was on hand to deliver the keynote address.  I've long admired his writing both as a music critic and now as a Pulitzer Prize winning syndicated columnist.

See the fellow in the background to my left? (I know it's on the photo)  That's former Lt. Governor (1983 - 1987) Bob Anderson.  Lt. Governor Anderson was recently tapped to lead the Iowa Institute for Tomorrow's Workforce.  Knowing that I approached him and asked, "So tell me Bob just where are these 150,000 jobs Iowa will be short by 2010?

I have a real reason for asking.  I have four families on the line who WANT to move to Iowa and in particular Des Moines but we're having trouble finding them work.  One is a law professor, the other an high-tech Internet programmer and the other two are truck drivers who want to move from New Jersey for a better life here in Iowa. 

I've been trying to find the answer to that question for months...Bob took my card and said he'd call somebody and have them call me.  We'll see.

Other than that...sunshine and a high of 36 expected for today!  Enjoy...and thanks for reading.

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