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Fertilizer - Our Land & Water

Ear_of_corn You can't live in Iowa and be engaged in agricultural marketing and advertising and not be surrounded by the amazing prices our farmers are receiving for their corn and soybeans.

On Friday the price of March corn was set at $5.14 a bushel while March soybeans closed at $13.73.  We're hitting record prices and some point to $6 corn as a "done deal".

For some of you, even if you live in an "agricultural state", these numbers mean little to nothing.  But they should.

While row crop prices have doubled so has the cost of raising these commodities.  The cost of fuel has doubled, the cost of fertilizer has doubled and in some areas tripled in price.  Land prices are soaring and the labor market is shrinking.

It's a volatile market.  And something else is going on...and this can really impact you, your home, the way you live and the future of several industries.

Farmers have been putting chemical fertilizer on their fields at increased rates in an attempt to drive up their yields.  That, along with the desire of city folks wanting a "perfect lawn", has had a downside on our land and water.

We are seeing fertilizer sales and use Golf_fairwayat all time highs and what gets put on your lawn and in your field will end up in our water.

But, what if there was a better way?  A way to cut chemical fertilizer use on crops, your lawn, the golf course, the hay field and even the football field?

And, what if this method (that by the way is NOT NEW) actually saved homeowners, farmers, and business people money while cleaning up our water source?

What if you join us on Sunday morning at 8am to listen to our radio show - Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country?  We're going to talk about it and let you know what the barriers are that has kept this simple, yet effective method, away from your eyes and ears.

Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country is NOT a "farm show".  It is this nations only live full hour program dedicated to the rural lifestyle.  And, we even let "city folks" listen in.  And, we are NOT anti-agriculture.  We make our living in the world of agriculture and rural lifestyle and have done so for years.

Sunday morning at 8 - Only on 98.3 WOW-FM or if you're outside of the Central Iowa listening area you can go online and listen using your PC. 

Come can get up that early...

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications