It's All Perspective...Or Is It Attitude?

Ignoring A Hot Story...Media Fails Again

For_sale_sign I pick up the Des Moines Register and the headline on the business page more doom and gloom:  "Iowa home sales drop 18% in 2007" makes me think I'm living in a parallel universe.

That's because I've just returned from a "smokin' hot" annual meeting of 700+ real estate professionals who have United Country Real Estate signs on their office (and more articles of clothing than you can imagine).

Here is the real headline:

"52% of United Country Realtors Report Sales Increase in 2007"

And projections for the nations largest rural real estate company for 2008 also spell growth.

Uc_duffy_boys Here is the kicker...  You would think that a major meeting of real estate company that has a positive message might get some media attention.   Factor in that this meeting is being held in Kansas City, a place that has seen plenty of business negatives over the past few months (Sprint?) and you would think somebody might show up.

You would think.

United Country invited over 100 media professionals to attend.  They would even have the opportunity to sit with the company leaders and ask any question they wished...

Two media professionals came.  Two.

Uc_crowd Had somebody bothered to show up they would have learned that 98% of the 700+ United Country Real Estate offices give the company an outstanding approval rating.  Had they showed up they would have learned about new innovations in technology that set this company apart from any other real estate organization in the nation.  They would have learned about new partnerships like bringing auctions and traditional real estate marketing together.  Had they showed up they would have learned of new financing methods and a partnership with US Bank.

Had they showed up.  But...they didn't.

Uc_flag_2 It's either that good news doesn't sell or the message United Country was delivering was 180 degrees off the message that we get spoon fed to us by corporate media types.

We'll have a follow up on this...just because what they are doing is so innovative.  (And, no...they are not our client...but should they've not paid for this.)  Sometimes it's great to recognize success.  So...should you be interested in a follow up contact Kyla Barcus or Mary Carver by e-mail or phone 800-444-5044.

It might be a good story.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications.  (Photo of Dan Duffy and two of his boys looking at images of United Country back drop, not too many "suits" at this "real" real estate meeting, Mike Duffy and another interesting/positive touch to a great meeting.")