Ignoring A Hot Story...Media Fails Again
The Nightmare of DISH Network


Jgs_newspaperstacked I'm still one of those folks who read the newspaper.  (I know...actually admitting to the fact tends to cast a pall over the entire piece but I hope you understand.)  It's a cup of coffee and the morning paper!  Gosh I feel like Dad! 

But it's getting increasingly weird how out of touch The Des Moines Register is becoming.  Consider:

We're in I-O-W-A the number one or number two (depending on who is bragging) corn and soybean state in the nation.  Yet the "Agribusiness" section of the newspaper is now down to one page.

Unless we're still counting classifieds where, for some reason, The Register still gets traction.

Then there is the ongoing increase of advertising rates while the circulation continues to drop.  It used to be the other way around.  Like the more eyes somebody put on something the more valuable it becomes.  It seems only in the newspaper business can they turn that around and have people actually believe it.

Then there was today.

Linkedinlogo Larry Ballard writes for the Business Section.  (Which also seems to be shrinking?) On Monday his piece "Workbytes" gave little support for LinkedIn. (Ironic if you think about it.) Maybe...it was "tongue in cheek" but I get the feeling Larry doesn't see much value in the process.  Go ahead you can read it yourself.

It's "kind of" funny...but it also reads like something my father would have written:  "Damn silly kids!"

Social Networking is still confusing to so many...and this story was...well...it's just odd.  You know, once upon a time...in a Mass Communication Class...we had to learn about setting type with lead.  We've moved beyond that.  Maybe the newspaper should too?

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - "Damn it!  You listen to me when I'm talkin'!"  Thanks Dad!