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Radio - A Smart Buy...If You Do It Right

Radio_cute_kid It's not much of a secret here.  We love radio.  It's one of the very best ways to connect with the products and services we market and advertise for our clients.

We use radio for a variety of things from setting the brand to supporting other media and pre-announcing events.

We're also actively involved in doing two radio programs.  Each Sunday morning we do a program called Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country.  It's about the rural lifestyle...a big market here in Central Iowa and across the country. 

We also do an outdoors radio program on Monday evenings for our client The Iowa Sportsman.  Both of the shows are live call in/talk radio shows that are not only a blast to do...but also rewarding for our overall message.

Radio_mic_small  We get it and know how to use the medium.

That's why I was really caught by a recent post by Brett Astor and Jeff Small from StrategicMedia.  These guys clearly love and know radio.  Their recent post is about how radio is being "re-discovered" when the economy is "headed south".

The idea is that when profits are low business turns to radio and magically find a way to connect with their customers that costs less than other forms of advertising.

It's a good read...and bravo! using radio to the full extent?  Know how to do it right?  Are you writing ads that cause people to listen...or falling into the same trap many do?

It's important to know the media if you're going to use it.  And, remember, far too often when the radio station says, "Hey, don't worry...we'll write and produce your ad...for free."  Ahhhh...they might be doing one heck of a service but far too often you get what you pay for.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications