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Stars On "The Iowa Sportsman" - Tonight

Stars_ice_girls_ron_michael There are plenty of reasons to be an Iowa Stars Hockey Fan...and tonight on the other radio show I do, The Iowa Sportsman we'll talk hockey!  (This was simply an excuse for me to use this photo of some friends at a game!)

The Iowa Sportsman Radio Hour is heard each Monday evening at 7 only on 98.3 WOW-FM here in the Des Moines Market.  If you want to listen from wherever you might live or work you can always listen live using your PC.

The Iowa Sportsmans Radio Hour is the broadcast version of The Iowa Sportsman Magazine and something I've been doing for our client for about 15 months.  I'm usually joined by my co-host Thomas Allen...but Thomas is out tonight.  So....I get to choose the topic:

Stars_faceoff Iowa Stars Hockey!  And before you scratch your head and wonder what the heck that has to do with hunting, fishing, cross country skiing, or noodling.  (Someday we'll have to talk about that!)  The answer is pretty simple:  It's all Iowa...and it's a great, tough, fast moving sport that many Iowa kids learn about on lakes and ponds (when they are not ice fishing!). 

Our guest tonight is the Assistant Coach of the Iowa Stars, Paul Jerrad_paul Jerrard.  Paul skated with the New York Rangers and the Minnesota North Stars of the NHL and was a member of the AHL Calder Cup Winning Hershey Bears in 1997.  Coach Jerrard is a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba and was hired as the assistant coach of the Iowa Stars in June of 2005.

We'll spend most of the hour with Coach Jerrard and you're invited to take part. 

The Iowa Sportsman Radio Hour...tonight at 7 on 98.3 WOW-FM here in central Iowa and brought to you by:

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