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THE DAY Is Nearly Here...Prepare Thyself!

Candy_box Ya gotta love marketing.

In just a few hours hundreds of thousands of men (and about twelve women) will spend 16.9 BILLION dollars on stuff for Valentine's Day.   $16.9 Billion.

We've done the math for you:  The retail industry tells us that is $123 per consumer which is UP $22.11 from 2006.  By the way...there is a gender gap here:  Men will spend on average $163.37 while women will spend $84.72.

But...YOU don't want to be "average" do you?

Of course not.  (I'm just helping spread the pressure!)

Speaking of pressure....

Some of you know that I keep a White Board in my shower.  (Don't think about that too long.)  It's much better than an underwater pen...because I've not been able to find underwater paper.  I jot things down when I have a thought.  It works.

Valentines_day_white_board_1 On or about February 1st, in the shower, pen in hand, I notice that somebody else has been using my White Board as you can plainly see by the photo at the left.

That was on February 1st...thirteen days ahead of The Day.

OK...maybe you can't see the writing very let's try this shot:Valentines_day_white_board_2

It's not so much the reminder of The Day that causes the pressure it's the not so subtle:  "Make it special - use your imagination!" line that kind of puts the fear of the Almighty in me.'s all marketing!

And sometimes all of marketing can be this simple:  Create awareness, connect with your target audience and then make a call for action.

Amazing what you can learn in a shower huh?

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