No Service In The "Service Economy"

The Nightmare of DISH Network

Dish_logo_3 WARNING:  You do not have to read this rant.  I am only writing it because my doctor told me it was better to do this than go back on Prozac!

Just kidding...but this is such a nuts story of poor performance...we had to share.

When we purchased the BIG new TV we decided to try digital.  We were going to go with MediaCom and my friend John Kelling but there were some wiring issues we could not correct.  So...we knew somebody, who knew somebody who was selling DISH Network and we called. 

That was about a year ago and I can report to you that the system works about...80% of the time.

The only time is doesn't work well is when it rains.   Or, when the wind is blowing hard.  When it snows the reception is pretty bad and it will cut out.  But...when there is no wind, moderate temps and no sometimes works.

In November we were out for about a week and we called.  A nice man from a friendly country came...the same guy that had installed it...and put some wire in.  Got a bill for $29 and the system worked...pretty well until January.

The night of the Super Bowl we were watching and the picture started to go out.  Oh Oh...  We made it through the game but the next day, nothing.

So...we called and set up an appointment with DISH Network for the 19th of February.  I had to stay home between noon and five. 

Man_gun_or_noose_2 Nobody showed.

So...a little ticked...I called and a nice young man from Spokane cut my rate and rescheduled for today the 27th between noon and five with some company called BLUE SKY SATELLITE from Kansas.

Nobody showed...or called.

So, that makes ten hours I waited for service.  Not too happy with the entire thing, I called back today and was told they canceled because they did not get permission to drill.  Drill?  Drill for a technical issue?  How do they KNOW they have to drill anything they have NOT SEEN the issue...I know that because we still have SNOW on the tracks.  No Blue Sky...hmmmm

Man_frustrated So, I blog.  And ask you the question.  Anybody else had this lousy experience with DISH Network or BLUE SKY from Kansas?  Anybody happy with their service?  Anybody got a suggestion?

So...I blog...and, because I can, we'll ask the same questions this week on the two radio shows I do.  Maybe John Kelling will call and invite me to try MediaCom?  In the meantime I'll send them all a bill for my time. 

OK...I'm almost calm now.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where if our service was this BAD...we'd long ago been run out of town.