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Using Spokesmodels - Be Very Different...

Cp_6x10 Several years ago we hit on the idea to use a waitress, "Flo" to become the spokes-model for our agricultural input company, Calcium Products.

Everybody thought it was nuts.

"What does a cafe waitress and a theme like that have anything to do with Ag inputs?"


"What do you mean we're going to use a waitress?  Why not use a farmer?"

In the end we convinced the client we knew what we were talking about.  It's now been three years and while we're reducing the amount of ink "Flo" gets she remains part of all our marketing media.


Because it's now recognizable and "Flo" could get away with being edgy.   In other words this "smart talking, gum smacking cafe waitress" can say things to the end user another farmer could not.  And that's exactly what the client needed to get noticed.

Sales_book_cover_2 "Flo" has appeared in nearly every magazine ad, direct mail piece and hand out we've created.  And, she's even attended a couple of trade shows.  Doing what she does best...cause people to notice and do a "double take".

It's all about getting noticed.  And if it's different so much the better.

Take for example the gecko that does Geico.  I swear, it's become so much a part of their brand that the gecko hardly says a word about insurance anymore.  How powerful is this spokes-model?  Hardly a word about insurance until the very end when we get the voice over.

And it sticks.

Cp_6x10lowres Remember, we didn't just "come up" with the "Flo" persona.  It was calculated.  If you've spent any time in Rural America you know how important the cafe is to producers.  It's the place where the stories are told, where the prices are discussed and where the gossip centers.

We simply wanted to be part of that talk.  And it worked.

Could we have done this without having a knowledge of the culture of agriculture?  Nope...and that then becomes the real value when dealing with your agency.  Knowing is always much better than guessing.

Flo_cutout_crop So, now we've got this brand on our hands...and she's even traveling.

Gosh this advertising/marketing stuff is fun.   Got a story to share?  We'd love to hear it.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations thanks for reading!