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Man_upset Over the years we've been pretty vocal about doubting the value of "message boards".  Our rational was about being responsible and not promoting irresponsible behavior.  We've decided that we may have jumped the gun and we didn't "get it".

You might remember last year we wrote about our frustration with the local newspaper as they made the excuse saying,  "Digital natives needed to be assured of anonymity when they react to news stories".  We still think they offered us some goofy reasoning but now we better understand the rational.

And we now think it's an interesting and effective marketing/sales tool.  We were just S-L-O-W on the uptake.

Man_two_angry Message boards drive website numbers.  Folks get into an online argument over some point of issue and the "conversation" is on.  The hit numbers start to increase as the comments build.  Those numbers then turn into cash as the Internet host points to increased usage...which then allows them to charge more for their online ads.


So, what about a Business Blog?  It's an entirely different form of communication that is much more focused on fact and preserving information and identity.  If the writer has nothing to say or they offer up tirades without solid ideas their numbers don't go up...they head south.

Compass In addition, we believe that a Business Blog helps the business get found.  When the writer uses the key words that are critical to his or her product or service and they have the blog-ware set correctly...bingo!  People searching for products, thoughts or ideas will find them much more quickly.

Finally, folks who wish to communicate with the writer do so by leaving comments on the blog that can be identified.  It's a great way to offer public ideas yet be accountable.  Which should be the basis of doing business...

So, we'll ask you:  Any of this make sense?

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Thanks for reading.