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Hunting Customers - Got the Passion?

Thomas_allen_and_jake This young man is Thomas Allen.  He is my friend and co-host of an outdoor radio program we do here in Des Moines - The Iowa Sportsman Radio Hour.  (We're on 98.3 WOW-FM Monday evenings at 7).

Thomas lives to hunt.  This past weekend he and his wife and new son spent two days away from home in a Sioux City hotel so he could hunt turkey.  He gets to do stuff like this because along with being an avid hunter Thomas is also the executive editor of The Iowa Sportsman a magazine featuring hunting, fishing and outdoor activities.  So he sort of gets paid for doing what he loves.  Nice gig.

So why the hunting story and background?

It occurs to me that we can no longer take our customers for granted.  That YOU can no longer take your customers for granted.  Given the rough economy and the "doom and gloom" messages we're all seeing about retail sales this is no time to "cut and run" from aggressive marketing messages.

Turkey hunting takes time, patience, money and talent.  Ask Thomas...or better yet, his wife.  She knows what it's like because she sees it.  First there is the investment of money in the right gear...and there is always more gear to buy.  Then there is the time planning and preparing.  Then there is the trip and the time away from home and the patience and the frustration and finally success.  They call it a "hobby".

Women_two So the question to you might be:  Are you investing as much effort, time, money and talent in hunting your customers? 

They say that if business people invested as much energy in their business or work as they do their hobby...productivity would soar.

So, what are you doing to be creative to be different to be outstanding to be well ahead of the curve?

Maybe it's time to start hunting with real passion.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Thanks for reading and if you're in Central Iowa...catch you tonight on the radio.