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The Creative Steps...A Visual

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Sparksflyupward_new_v2 As with most things creating "a look" takes some time.  Thought we might share with you what goes into the simple design of an image for a client. 

Just in case you were wondering.

A couple of months ago we were hired to produce some images and a marketing plan that will be used to market an opera that showcases a German family during the Holocaust.  The musical, "The Sparks Fly Upward", has been in the works for over twenty years and is the creation of Cathy Mansfield a professor of Law at Drake University here in Des Moines.

It's clearly been a work of passion for her.  The play/opera/musical will have it's national debut on November 8th here in Des Moines.  (Tickets are now on sale through Ticketmaster.)

The image above is the fourth or fifth draft from our group...and while we think it's's not the yet in final form.Sparks_fly_upward_v2_2

We started with the idea of black and white images that gave the vision of broken glass.  The musical revolves around Kristallnacht or the "Night of Broken Glass".  While the images were haunting they just didn't quite call up the fear and horror of the time.

So we went back to work on some different looks.  The one that is here was just too Sparks_fly_upward_v6 "over the top".  While it invokes an instant response it, we felt, was just too heavy.  The image speaks too much to the hopelessness of the time and not the idea of hope that is thematic towards the end.

And so, it was back into further discussion and work on the project.  We kicked around several other options and then our senior designer, Christa came up with the large image you see at the top of this page.  We took the idea of "sparks flying upward" and focused on the refurbished exterior of the Berlin Synagogue.  From fear and inhuman behavior to the blue sky of hope and rescue.

In the most recent draft we put some people back in and then Sparksflyupward_new_v3 moved the image of the synagogue down a bit to show more blue sky and the Star of David at the top of the dome.

While this is coming much closer to the final version we've still got lots to do when it comes to writing, editing and creating a host of media items that will go along with the publicity.

We'll keep you in the loop on this one...and none of the images you see here are final form.  We've used this simply as a way to explain "how" we come to creating a "look".

The reason for this rather long presentation is to share with you the time and the work we, or any quality advertising agency goes through during creation. It's something that we do for every one of our clients.  Nothing that comes out of here is slapped together.  Like everything of takes time to create.

Thanks for reading...

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications