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We Keep Telling FEMA, "Come To Iowa!"

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Welding I've bothered my friends at FEMA (Farm Equipment Manufacturing Association) for years about coming to Iowa.  They've got lots of members here and we're a pretty good bunch of folks.

This week in The Shortliner the regular publication for FEMA members there was the story about how employers cut 63,000 jobs in February.  The story also said the "jobless rate" fell in February from 4.9% in January to 4.8% in February.

Here in Iowa our "jobless rate" is under 3.7%.

In the same issue we are told that the economy in Ontario is suffering.  Come to Iowa it's a great place to live! maybe that's not enough reason to come to the finest state in the nation...but here is another:

The most recent data from the Iowa Workforce Development folks say that we're about 150,000 jobs short.  NOW!  If you click just to the left you can read the story.  In other words we need skilled workers here in Iowa and pretty darn quickly.

So..maybe...if you're looking for work...or want a great job in a great place consider Iowa.

We did...and never looked back.

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Thanks for reading and a BIG HOWDY to my friend Bob Schnell from FEMA.  Iowa Bob...say it with me....I-O-W-A.