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When Should I Advertise? - The Claritin Story

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Claritin_use We talk about advertising...allot.  It's what we do.  So back in January when we were discussing a new clients advertising plan we were told:  "But my strong season doesn't start until May.  I don't think we really need to start until April."

If you've been paying attention to radio and television ads over the past four weeks you've started to hear/see lots of allergy commercials.  They are everywhere.  Wednesday alone, in the span of a two hour drive, I counted five radio ads for Claritin and yesterday a piece ran on the Bob & Tom show about NASCAR sprint car driver Carl Edwards and the wisdom of staying alert while racing.  (Sounded like a good idea to us...)

There is a reason we see Christmas Lights in October...and hear allergy messages weeks before the season.

It takes the consumer some time to process and store the message.  If we hear five radio ads about Claritin in two hours we store that information and when the sneezing starts...we recall what has been pounding away.

I know this is Advertising 101...but clearly it's important for a refresher course.  One of these days we'll touch on frequency...another topic so many advertisers try to avoid.

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