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Wachovia_logo_2 In case you missed it Wachovia, the nations fourth largest lender, made some changes in the way they will award home mortgages.  Except they are not going to tell you the facts.

At first we thought the short news piece placed in the business section of the Des Moines Register was a mistake.  So we went further and picked up the story from The Charlotte Observer, home town for Wachovia.

Friday Wachovia made public they will now base their home mortgage decisions on your FICO Score.  The higher the score the better your chances are of landing a mortgage.

Except they won't tell you their base line or what number is acceptable.


Maybe they figure it would cut down on their application rate if they disclosed the target score.  Maybe there are many other factors included in the decision process like, "Do your socks match?".  We found it just odd.

What hidden expectations do you have when dealing with your customer?  And, what do you make of this kind of thing?

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications - Thanks for reading.