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Building A Brand Within A Brand

Fastsigns_logo Welcome to our business publication where we share our opinion about the power of branding, marketing and public relations.

Those of you who come by here on a regular basis know how passionate we are about treating customers and clients with respect.  From time to time we hold up examples of folks who are doing great things to grow their business. 

This is one of those times.

Steve_smith_fastsigns Meet Steve Smith.  Steve owns the Fastsigns franchise near our office and we've used his printing services for well over four years.   It's not about him being's about the passion and responsiveness of his staff.  These are the folks that have created a "brand within a brand".  Here's more:

Fastsigns is a corporation with now over 500 franchise locations across the country.  A couple of months ago Steve's business took home three awards.  The first two:

  • Million Dollar Award - Exceeded One Million in sales for the year.
  • Business Operator of the Year.  It's given to the owner who, "...exemplifies the Fastsign goal of making the buying experience seamless..."  One award per year.

Nice job!

Jennifer_wiggins Meet Jennifer Wiggins who manages the local Fastsigns.  Jennifer is often the first face we see and her help and patience with our clients (and us) has been remarkable.  At the same event Jennifer was awarded the Manager Recognition Award given to only to the top 10% of all Fastsign location managers.  Well deserved. 


So why are we tooting THEIR horn?  Because they "get it".  They understand how important it is to:

  • Advertise their business on a consistent basis;
  • Be involved in community projects;
  • Be as helpful as they can to their clients, in every way;
  • Go out of their way to finish the job on time and make it right if something goes south.

Fastsigns_clive Here's the kicker:   Our company, Insight Advertising, has clients all over the country.  No doubt many of our clients have a sign company in their own city.  Maybe even a Fastsign franchise.  But, each time we need something we let our clients know we'll be using our local printer because we trust their work, know it will be done right and we can help manage the process to make the experience as seamless as possible...for our clients.

Our thanks to our Fastsign "partners" here in Des Moines.  But, more than that...congratulations on a job done well and for receiving the recognition of doing well.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we really appreciate the good works of others and glad to tell you the story.