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Customer Service? You've Got To Be Kidding

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We're becoming an angry lot.

We now have automated check out for purchases.  We then get to bag the groceries and haul 'em to the vehicle.  Have costs come down?

We no longer have to walk into the bank to do business.  We can use the Internet or drive up service at the ATM.  Have the fees come down?

Gone too are the days of getting "free estimates" for work.  Recently we had a plumbing issue.  We called around to find out what it might cost to fix the problem.  "We'll come out and take a look and give you an estimate.  Oh, and we charge a $65 fee for a service call."  A "service call bill" to give us an estimate!  We fixed it ourselves for $55 and a little time.

Oh...and go ahead.  Try, just try to get your Dish Network system fixed.  LOL....oh my.

So, it is during those rare instances when we experience (I hate to even say it.) "old fashioned customer service" that we become shocked.  And sometimes, as this article from MSNBC, says, "consumers are fighting back".

So tell us, is your company piling on "service fees", taking away human interaction and still charging more?

Laughing Don't...there will be a time of reckoning. Better to do a 180 from everybody else and give excellent service.  Folks will talk about it. example of Superior Customer Service from two very different sources.

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