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How "Cool" Is Your Career?

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Sunday morning on our Rural Lifestyle Radio Show - Highway 6 - Your Road to the Country we had a story about the "coolness quotient" of careers.  Do you know yours?  Do you want to?

The Harris Poll, taken late last summer, surveyed 1,010 US adults about career prestige.  Do you really want to know yours?  (By the way, we'll tie this into branding/marketing in just a minute.)

Six occupations were seen to hold high prestige among those questioned.  Here they are along with the percentage of folks who thought these jobs were "cool":

  • Firefighters - 61%
  • Scientists - 54%
  • Teachers - 54%
  • Doctors - 52%
  • Military Officers - 52%
  • Nurses - 50%

These were followed by:  Police Officers - 46%, Clergy - 42%, Farmers - 41%.

Business_loser Meanwhile, if you have one of the following careers or positions your "Coolness Factor" is under 20%.  (Just what you needed to learn on this bright Tuesday morning.)

  • Athletes - 16%
  • Business Executives - 14%
  • Journalists - 13%
  • Union Leaders - 13%
  • Stockbrokers - 12%

And the rest:  Entertainers - 12%, Accountants - 11%, Bankers - 10%, Actors - 9%, Real Estate Professionals - 5%.

FARMERS "out cool" Bankers by 31%! Why?  What is it about the upper level vs. the lower level careers that might just inflate how the career is perceived by the public?

We think two things and here is where branding careers comes in:

First take a look at the top end.  Each career has a sense of believability to them.  Second, how is each branded by the media, marketing, employees and pop culture?

The high percentage leaders all have an "US" quotient while the bottom end looks, to those who responded, as having their careers based on "ME".

Business_banker And is it any wonder?  But, the bigger question is how to reverse these numbers.  That, my friends, is the secret of a combination of advertising, marketing, public relations and internal marketing...in other words:  Branding.  Doubtful???

Tomorrow:  An example:  Building the Banking Brand...by capturing the values of the upper level "coolness quotient" and mixing them with the public perception of banking.  It's just an idea...

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