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Janet Tingwald & You...

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Janet_use_this When your business gets involved at the local level you often get to meet some of the greatest people and even get re-introduced to old friends.

Our decision to join the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce was easy to make.  Getting it done was another matter.  It was always something...

But, since joining in the Fall of 2007 I've been impressed with the group and even met up with some old friends...from another life.

The last time I saw Janet Tingwald was maybe 8 years ago at a rodeo arena in Dayton, Iowa.  We were all part of a ranch rodeo group that would meet at least once a month to "play".  It was great fun and Janet was always competitive.  (Even if she was riding an Arabian.)

We went our separate ways only to see each other from across a room during a Chamber Function.  "Janet?"  "Michael?"

Those are always great meetings...but when I learned what she had been doing it really made the day.

Janet is the primary for her company, The Coaching Advantage Group.  It's a personal development business she started several years ago that builds qualities and strengths for individuals as well as corporations. 

Strength_coach I asked her what was the point of a personal development coach.  The answer made sense:  "When you think about it the only 'game' we enter where there is a lack of coaching is business.  There are voice coaches, sports coaches, strength coaches, writing coaches.  But where do people go when they need some solid advice on their own personal or corporate development?  That's what we do.

Makes sense...and it was great to meet up with Janet again.   If you've got a question or two about her company send her an e-mail. 

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where we understand little knowledge can bring big benefits.

It's "The New Grandfather Thing" deal with it.

Sailor_jovie I PROMISE we'll get back to stuff about advertising and marketing.  But let me once again post something about our grandchildren.

This is Sailor who, by the way, has been in a couple of our published articles.  She is so cute that we could not resist using her to make a point.  And, she has the coolest name on the to Jovie...her new cousin.

In both of these cases our girls have "branded" their daughters with names you'll not find in many circles.  So, how does that relate to your business?'s the 'hook'.

Many times business people name a product or service with a tired 'name'.  On the other hand being different is tough. How do you decide?

When you concieve of a product or service how long do you spend on the name?  We'll give you our thought:  It's just as important as naming your kids. 

Do you spend the time working into the meaning, the flow and the source? you 'over-think' the name and come up with something really silly?

OK...back to the real issue:  I just wanted to, once more, brag on the kids. So there.

Paying For Ad Placement?

Truth_in_advertising_2 I started in the advertising business by selling advertising.  I've sold radio, television and magazine advertising.  Before the "Dot-Bomb" of 2000 I even sold Internet ads...

Today I don't actually "sell" advertising.  I buy it.  Our advertising agency buys advertising space for our clients.  Having that experience of selling has helped us buy smarter for the people who trust us to make solid decisions.

So why the lead in?

We just got a call from an advertising sales representative wanting us to consider their magazine for one of our consumer clients.  During the conversation he was telling me about their "special deal" in the front of the magazine:

"I can get you 30% off the premium rate on our front of book placements."

I couldn't believe it.  Somebody was still selling placement.  It's just not true.

There is no "wall" where readers stop reading.  In fact Readex Research, in 129 studies, found that 94% of survey respondents recalled seeing an item in the last fifth of a publication.  That compares with 97% recalling an item seen in the first fifth.

You're going to pay premium for 3 points?

It's not placement that gets your ads seen.  It's well designed, attractive, consistent advertising that gets noticed.  That is real truth in advertising.

Remember...content not position. 

What do you think?

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications where knowing both sides of the advertising profession...helps.

A Personal Reflection...

Need to drop a personal note to you.  It's a celebration!

Jovie_birth OK...this is supposed to be about advertising and marketing but wanted to share with you the birth of our granddaughter - Jovie Kamille Pease.  Jovie came into our world early Tuesday morning, April 8th.  Tiny at just 6lbs. 15 oz. she does have a full head of hair.

Best news:  Everybody is doing great!

I've made the comment to several folks over the past few weeks that, "I'm not a baby person."  That sort of melted away.

We spend our days working to create advertising messages and images that work for our clients.  We sit in meeting after meeting discussing methods to increase their bottom line.  For all those things we are grateful.  Really...

We get excited when, after weeks of struggling to create a campaign, the idea comes together and we know we've hit on the "right idea" with the "right message".  And when our clients succeed we celebrate even more.

Jovie_and_hunter But this is different.

This is the essence of hope.

Besides...we've got another pro-bono model on our hands.

Oh...I'll be out of the office today...for obvious reasons.

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

Absolut(ly) Silly...

Absolute_mexico_magazineWelcome to the Insight Advertising, Marketing and Communications business blog.  Thanks for reading!

Either I'm not listening to enough talk radio or reading enough political blogs because I missed this latest dust up about evil Mexico and those multi-national corporations that are attempting to take over the United States of America.

It's a vodka ad.

I was alerted to this latest attack on our sovereign soil by my friend Matt Conigilo.  His published piece said plenty about the error by Absolut and their marketing company.

It's when you follow the links to the hundreds of comments posted on dozens of sites you get a better understanding of how politically weird we are becoming.  The buzz is all about tossing gallons of vodka in the river, drinking only orange juice, and boycotting Absolut. 

Absolut_mexico Absolut's the new French Fry. (Remember those?)

It's a vodka ad.

And the ad (print and billboard) is doing exactly what it is intended to do...thousands of people are talking, writing and picketing about the piece.  If you get beyond the perceived insult there are some things to consider:

  • It is effective;
  • It does speak to a demographic not usually associated with the product;
  • It tells us that everything in our world has become political.

Thanks Matt for alerting us...and sorry I missed it on the first go.    There is a deep, deep lesson here:  Always remember to read other blogs...

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications...

Branding...Every Chance You Get

Insight Advertising - Our Marketing and Advertising Blog...thanks for reading!
Taking the chance to brand at every road.  Earlier we wrote about the "Duck" logo and recognition factor of the Peabody Hotel properties.  It is everywhere.

This was something we noticed just today on a trip to the ice machine. 

Rather than push the "Coke Logo" like most hotels would on a machine like this...the Peabody makes it a point to push their brand.

For those of you concerned that the "brand" is the's not.  The duck is simply the logo that goes on everything.  And, while the logo can be part of the brand it's not the whole picture.   

If that is confusing to you I thought I'd share these two photos of the pop machines found on each floor.  If you look at it you see the Peabody Logo and the duck...but there is more.

Peabody_coke_words Here is a close up of the wording:

If you read these words it tells you how the company is attempting to brand it's image.  In other words...if you are "somebody" you have to be seen at the Peabody in Memphis.


It's more than the logo...branding is telling the story. 

Headed back to Iowa's been an informative and interesting trip.

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

FEMA - Memphis - Civil Rights - Branding

Shutterstock_1897493This is NOT a political blog...we are here to write about Advertising and Marketing.

I'm in Memphis for the FEMA meeting held at the Peabody Hotel.  We're hear to learn and discuss farm equipment manufacturing.  Great people and a very interesting event.
So...why do I lead with a photo of Rev. Al Sharpton?  That one photo will BRAND this Blog...and those of you who see it will have a reaction.

It just so happens that during the FEMA meeting the National Action Network headed by Rev. Sharpton is in the same facility.  And, those of you who know your history...this is the 40th anniversary of the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King.  In fact, the Lorraine Motel is just blocks from the Peabody.  It's the site of the United States Civil Rights Museum. point?

Simple...we work hard for our clients in the world of agriculture, rural lifestyle and now entertainment to create for them a brand that will evoke a response.  Actually, that is half of the battle with consumers.  So our questions to you:  Do you own a brand?  What are you doing with your brand?  Does it cause a reaction?  What is that reaction?  Do you know?

If not...give us a call. 

Oh...and it is raining in Memphis....

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

Branding - Everything Just Ducky in Memphis

Img_4381 It's an amazing thing what you can BRAND with a DUCK.

I'm at the Farm Equipment Manufacturing Association (FEMA) spring meeting in Memphis.  Memphis is not only home to the United States Civil Rights Museum, Beall Street, Graceland but also the Peabody Hotel.

Where nearly everything is branded with a duck.

I've had the opportunity to be in this town several times and I've "stayed smart" and hung out with the Marriott Family.  But, this is the first time in a Peabody property in over 15 years.

They have this DUCK thing down...and it's used all over the place.  And, everybody talks about it.   

Img_4382 Seems that back in 1938 the General Manager and his friend were out duck hunting in Arkansas. When they got back to Memphis they thought it might be real funny (after perhaps too many sips) to put their live decoys into the fancy fountain in the hotel lobby. (you could hunt with live decoys back then)

The idea stuck...and everybody talked about it.  And talked and talked...

Img_4386 Today the duck is everywhere.  From the sidewalk, to the sign and even the toilet paper.

The hotel is a masterpiece of service and the staff fantastic.  The prices are also out of this world.  And they see to it that every interaction is personal and positive.  Or so it seems at this point.

Clearly, the duck has become so much more and now is a symbol of service for high end properties.

Who would have thought?  So...what are you doing to create the BUZZ about your product or service?  And...are you creating a brand that will be talked about for next year and even 70 years down the road?

You just never know where the idea might come from...

Michael P. Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications

FEMA in Memphis

Memphis_skyview Headed to Memphis for the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) Spring Management Meeting.

We've been members of FEMA for years because it's a great grass roots organization made up of people who produce what farmers of nearly every stripe use.

So, it's south to the land that is nuts right now with NCAA.  We hope to learn more about what manufacturers are hearing from their dealers. About the farm economy that from all indications is soaring.  We'll also try to gage the impact on the recent decision by farmers to plant more soybeans rather than corn.  It's a decision that could have far reaching effects on everything from fuel to food.

Memphis_presley_home And, nope, we'll not be making the trip to Graceland.  We hear it's an interesting trip.  But we fear ghosts!

Thanks for reading and we'll post our observations on a regular basis...just to keep you (and us) in the loop.

Thanks for reading...

Michael Libbie - Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications